building a website

Fresh Start

A website is largely the primary first impression for your company. Searchers take to their phones with questions all over the conversion funnel. Your website has to be tailored to the searcher’s query and their device.

With your feedback throughout the full process, we’ll craft a website from scratch that will represent your business perfectly and bring in more business!

If you have an existing website, we can provide a fresh start with an excellent new design. We also specialize in seamlessly migrating an old website to a new website.

Website Building Process


We’ll learn the needs of your business and begin to discuss the priorities for functionality.

Site Architecture

We’ll dive into the keyword research phase which will guide the hierarchy of pages needed to build a website that is optimized for traffic.


We’ll show some initial design mockups before the website building begins. We’ll agree on a direction with the understanding that anything can be changed in the future.

Building the Site

With the help of your direction and feedback on the mockups, the coding and design begins.

Coaching as Desired

If you want to learn how to maintain and update your website, we’d be happy to train you and/or anyone on your team!

Long-Term Evaluation & Optimization

A website isn’t a “set it and forget it” situation. With the right direction, analysis, marketing, reporting, and optimization – a website is constantly being improved. We’d love to establish a relationship to continue improving your website through digital marketing, on-going SEO service, and more.


Beat Competition and Serve Customers Better.